When it comes to the Chevrolet Corvette, a good portion of the cars will have about the same setup. They might be cookie cutters sometimes, but you can’t really knock it if it works. Most of the time, owners will slap a set of heads on the car, put a gnarly cam in it and call it a day. Other times, if feeling froggy, the owner in question will step it up to include some type of centrifugal supercharger.

The goal of this Corvette wasn’t ready to be normal, though. Oh no, this wasn’t going to be any conventional build, this build shoots for the moon to be completely insane and off-the-wall. If that was truly the goal of the guy turning wrenches, we would say that he has achieved that and then some with the results.

With a pair of turbos sticking out of the hood, or lack thereof, this Vette looks like it’s ready to eat small children in the most menacing way possible before spitting out their bones. When it gets the opportunity to run its way down the drag strip, it backs up the looks with some stellar passes.

In this one, we check out the gnarly car making a couple of eighth-mile passes with the better of the pair being to the tune of 5.54-seconds at 136mph. For an eighth mile, that is rolling especially when you consider the fact that the car is geared for the half mile. Be sure to crank your speakers up and watch below as this Corvette lays down the law of the land.


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