Even if you are a stranger to the car scene, you’re probably somewhat aware that they stick LS engines in just about anything that moves.

While some people think of this as a good thing, others dread the fact, but no matter who you are or what your preference, you can’t deny that these junkyard power plants are capable of doing some incredible things.

This time, we catch a brief flashback to LS Fest 2015 as BigKleib34 features a unique LS swap that we have yet to see as a late model Dodge Ram sports some junkyard Chevrolet power.

Just as any other swap, this one will probably polarize those checking it out, so we’ll leave “good” or “bad” for you to decide in the end.

Check out the video below as the truck goes on its maiden voyage, running in the 12s while getting off of the gas around 300′ short of the finish line. It looks like these guys have some things to get in order, but this could be one gnarly build when all is said and done.


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