1953 Harley-Davidson Panhead |

Back in the winter of 1973, Dan Nelson shot this sweet Panhead named “The Guillotine” in Garden Grove, California. The bike cost the owner $900 and he dumped another $400 into it over the two years it took him to put this chopper together.

The bike has a 2-gallon peanut tank brazed onto the filled and filed frame. The wide glide frontend had it’s threes narrowed 2 inches and the lowers were shaved of all mounts before the whole shebang was lengthened to 10 inches over with the use of AEE tubes.

The bike rolled on a mix of 18-inch front and 16-inch rear wheels and stopped with the aid of a stock H-D drum. Every single piece on this bike except the frame, barrels, heads, and tires took a triple-plate chrome bath to complement the black and red lacquer paint job.

Other standouts of this fine machine are the AEE king and queen seat and handlebars, dual Cibie headlights, foot shifter, and owner-made sissybar.

To top off all the show with a bit of go, the engine was packed with shovelhead pistons, aluminum pushrods, and a re-worked Linkert carburetor.

1301-stcp-01-o1953-harley-davidson-panheadfront-end-details 1301-stcp-02-o1953-harley-davidson-panheadtop-view 1301-stcp-03-o1953-harley-davidson-panheadsaddle-top-view 1301-stcp-04-o1953-harley-davidson-panheadpipes 1301-stcp-05-o1953-harley-davidson-panheadrear-view 1301-stcp-08-o1953-harley-davidson-panheadspec-sheet


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