Harley-Davidson unveiled this mean looking CVO Pro Street Breakout, alongside a new Low Rider S!

Harley’s Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) department have been responsible for some truly nuts specials over the years, but this is one of their most tasteful. The Pro Street Breakout is a limited-production model that introduces a new, darker look, and which is steeped in drag-racing attitude!

New finishes include Smoke Satin Chrome, and Scorched Chrome, which plates the Aggressor custom wheels. Restyled derby and timing covers have a new, mechanical look, while sheet metal is finished in solid Starfire Black or two-tone White Gold Pearl/Starfire Black, each with a single hand-applied graphic stripe flowing along the tank and rear fender to reinforce the performance theme.

That performance comes from the Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110B engine – the most-potent Harley-Davidson production air-cooled engine. To extract maximum performance the engine is fitted with black blunt-cut mufflers, an open-element Screamin’ Eagle Heavy Breather Elite intake, and a high performance hydraulic Assist & Slip clutch. It also comes with a new 43mm inverted fork gripped in a robust three-bolt triple-clamp, and has the added stopping power of dual front disc brakes with floating discs, and ABS as standard. The stiff front end and 19-inch front wheel enhance agility, while the rear end gets a massive 240 section tyre.


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