Have you heard before about this muscle car?

Do you know anything about its specifications? Do you know anything about its performances? Do you know how much it cost?

Well maybe you heard before something about this specific muscle car which might costs as much as an Italian super car! But now we have a chance to share some interesting informationabout this beast, and tell you something more about it.

First thing that you should know about it is that this car was constructed for Canadian roads, but it was transferred to British Columbia because a proud father had decided to buy it for his precious daughter who successfully graduated. But that is not the most important thing about this car, it was built in far 1970, and no less but in only 5 copies. This car is not just any American muscle car. Why were built only five of them? As we said, 1970 it was built with next code: E74 V8 and it were connected with 4 speed gearbox A833.

Behold what and for what is made this beast. It has 7 blade front and fan brakes disc, this is the car that has A34 Super – Track – Pak, and not just that it has Dana60 bulletproof  differential,  and no less but 27 inches extremely heavy duty radiator. This is of which is composed, and now we will answer the next question: for what is built? Dear fans this beast is created to rush. And you can use it only if you stare somewhere.

But let’s continue with description of its internal and external feature. When we talk about its internal the list is very long. But let’s start: It has music master AM radio, than includes N 85 factory tachometer, A 62 Rally instrument cluster, oh yeah, incredible, front bucket seats, black vinyl, auxiliary interior lighting, wood grain finish center console etc.

Are you ready for external enumeration? When we mention the appearance of Plymouth – Cuda Hemi we can’t but emphasize the following things: it has N 96 Shaker fresh air hood, the classic one rides no less but 15 x 7 inch steel wheels, do you know what is it? Than if you ever heard about N 42 chrome exhaust tip, well this tip of car has it. Rear deck moldings are normal here and body still. Hood pins that ate tethered J 45 and when we speak about its paint it is very specific and garish. And only because it is about Lemon Twist FY 1!

Harold Sullivan is a collector and this car came with him in America 1999. 2003 – After for years, this car was presented on Mopar Restoration Products Program. In 2006, in Ohio, there was at Ault Park – Concours d’ Elegance and it has won like “Best in class”.

From the moment it came out on the road this beauty Plymouth Hemi Cuda – Convertible from 1970 it was driven 27.500 miles, or maybe and less, which is 44.250 km. Last Friday, 22 of January, this beauty was sold it. And can you believe it for how much? At Mecum Auctions this beauty beast was sold it of 2.675.000 $. Do you know how much is that? Do you understand now the value of this rare vehicle?

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