Pontiac Trans Am Blows Its Engine At The Strip: Video

Having your engine blow up at the track is like dropping your baby on its head – except you can’t rebuild a cranium to be better than it was before (at least not yet, though red blood cells are already being 3D printed).
In the video you are about to observe, the featured Pontiac Trans Am, named”Blackhawk,” suffers from an engine failure of sorts, and it sure doesn’t look good. We have to sympathize with this unfortunate event; a few of us have dealt with similar issues – but none to this degree. Yours truly knows what it’s like to scorch a clutch and break a pressure plate into three pieces (it wasn’t me, it was the car, I swear!). Still, a clutch replacement is nothing compared to an entire engine rebuild. It’s too bad that it didn’t get to beat another Ford Mustang during the night.
Yet, crushing the hopes and dreams of Mustang drivers is exactly what the owner of this Trans Am intends to do. He’s building it up to be bigger and badder than before, and it was already pretty badass before the unexpected kaboom. In a previous video uploaded by 1320 Video, the Firebird Trans Am lifts its front two wheels way off the ground, and actually sustains light damage from doing so.


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