Street cars usually don’t go past, say, 1,500 ponies, since this is the point where the driving experience becomes a bit too vicious to share with the drivers around you. However, when it comes to the second-gen Camaro in the video below, you can forget all about that figure.

This 1970s Camaro packs no less than 3,000 hp and, as you can imagine, this means it spends quite a lot of time at the drag strip. However, before we move any further, we have to explain the owners stresses out the fact that the octane devil was built, and is run on the street.
The Chevy’s engine bay is occupied by a Proline Racing 540ci V8, with the big block using a twin-turbo setup to generate all that muscle.Returning to the street condition of the car mentioned above, the owner wanted to keep things as accurate as possible, so this contraption is all steel, while still using the original glass setup. As a result, the Camaro tips the scales at a whopping (for the drag racing world) 3,875 lbs.
While we usually like to bring you 1/4-mile shenanigans, today you’ll be in for a 1/2-mile adventure, as this is the kind of racing preferred by this Camaro.We’ll get straight to the part that matters the most – the fastest half mile pass ever delivered by the slab of America we have here. When the surface of the track has been prepped correctly and the driver plays his part well, this Chevrolet can complete the 1/8-mile task in an impressive 4.39s.

Then again, that number doesn’t even come close to describing the combustion violence displayed by this machine, which is where the piece of footage below comes into play – Let us hold a moment of silence in the memory of all the tires this beast has sent to rubber heaven.


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